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Some information and statistics about freehostia that we have collected from other user reviews and website analysis we did.

The company freehostia is offering free hosting services with the business model called freemium - when a client signs up for a free hosting and latter can upgrade to premium if need more server resources. Thet do not add any advertisement on client websites or hidden fees for clients. Also, they use a control panel called "Hepasia" for clients. Freehostia has video tutorials or all the control panel sections. Moreover provides a variety of pre-installed script gallery with most popular scripts like WordPress or Joomla. Thet claim to have 99.9% uptime and the 30 days money back guarantee for the paid services. They have 5 web hosting plans called: Chocolate, Watercircle, Lovebeat, WildHoney, SuperNatural. First plan is absolutely FREE, and the most expensive plan costs $9.95 per month.

Why choose freehostia (

You may choose because it is one of the leading free hosting providers and stands on the first lines in google search for "free hosting" - the search engine you can believe when you need top results! On freehostia you get 24h per day 7 days a week customer support for web hosting and script installing related issues or questions. Moreover they offer free website templates, so you do not have to think about designing the website or hiring someone to do this for you.

How to sign up with freehostia?
  • Find the confirmation email message when signed up.
  • Activate website with the confirmation
  • Build your website for free!

Here are some of the features offered by
Disk space yes 250 MB
Bandwidth yes 6 GB
POP3 / IMAP yes Yes
Email support yes Yes
Max FTP accounts yes 5
MySQL database yes Yes, 1
Free Hosting yes Yes, free
Uptime yes 99%
Free Website Templates yes Yes, 40+
Online file manager yes Yes