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Topic: Hello Everyone

Hello 2FreeHosting Community,
My name is Marcel Menk. I am 17 years old, I love software development and I've already worked for various companies and private persons. I'm a new member in this forum. I try to do my best to help you. Even though I'm new to this forum I have been to the hosting buisiness for over 2 years already. I know that is not much but I love to help people and I hope I can also be a helpful member in this forum.

As you may noticed, I am currently not a 2FreeHosting staff member so I can't help you in terms of technical issues with the servers but I can help you with any other question. Don't hasitate to ask. I don't bite you smile

Best Reguards,
Marcel Menk

Re: Hello Everyone

Welcome to the forums Marcel! smile

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Re: Hello Everyone

Welcome Marcel.

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