The launch of Windows 8 caused many different opinions. It’s a nice metro style, some say, while others feel it is too overwhelming and vote badly about it. There have been some speculations about the next Windows 9, about if it’s going to combine Windows 7 and Windows 8, or be a different OS all together.


Unfortunately, all the speculations have been incorrect.


Why? There isn’t going to be a Windows 9.


Microsoft recently jumped to reach the double digit Windows versions and skipped Windows 9. With their new “Insider” program, people can preview Windows 10, albeit very buggy. Just like many speculations predicted about Windows 9, Windows 10 took a more different approach and combined the Start layout of Windows 8 and used the Start button in Windows 7. The overall design is still very, very similar to Windows 8, “the Metro Windows”.


Do you want to find out more? Click here to navigate to the Windows Insider program!


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