Today we are going to talk about the future of Blackberry, a topic that our new-tech passionates, and people who want to make money will love. Nowadays, we could agree that Blackberry’s market strategy is, in a way, focused in a corporation enviroment. In fact, that is something they have always mantained. They started with such philosophy, encrypting data, and keeping a safe enviroment for their clients.


From 2007 until 2011, they had a sales boom. Nearly everyone had a Blackberry during that period of time. Blackberry was one of the best smartphones by then.

However, they became ouraged soon, carrying a lot of debt with such sales loss.


Having introduced a short history to Blackberry’s sales evolution, I personally believe the world is changing nowadays. People’s philosophy has changed, and so has the world.

New technologies have become more and more interesting, more and more advanced.


Does Blackberry have a place in today’s market?

With smartphones such as the iPhone 6 or smartphones for less than $100, surprisingly, Blackberry still has a place. Blackberry changed their business strategy since their big drop in 2011-2012, becoming a less comercial but more professional smartphone. The same philosophy they applied in their first ages. If Blackberry carries on innovating, focusing on security and creating important devices – this means ignoring manufacturing devices such as smartwatches or smart tv’s – they can get their loyal client portifolio back, just like Apple has theirs. And they are in the way of doing so with the recently launched Blackberry Passport. They do not compete with Google or Android directly, but focus to get their loyal clients back, and hope to become an stable and a profitable company again.


I am not saying that their stock shares will raise into +$100 again, but they will start growing and stabilize in over $20 per share. As you can appreciate in their latest sotck market sessions, their graphic has incresing minimums, which is a signal that the share price can break really soon, rising constantly.


The future of Blackberry does not lay on getting bought by Samsung, as people were speculating a few days ago. Blackberry will grow on their own, their place on the market has not yet been taken by anyone.