Are you wondering why your site isn’t nearly as popular and successful as you predicted it was? Here’s a short checklist that you can go through to see if your website meets the basic needs of a successful site, and hopefully learn and edit something for your website.


  1. Paid Domain – Since the launches of Dot.TK and, as well as countless other Second Level Domains (,, etc.), the Internet has become cluttered with free domains. They’re quickly becoming the home of scammers, viruses, and horribly put-together sites. It’s become a wide-spread view that you can start up with a free domain and work yourself up to a paid domain, but… the rate of success for that is so low, it’s safe to call it impossible.
    Paid domains look and tend to be much nicer than free domains, which results in a larger amount of people actually visiting the website. If you can spare a few dollars for a paid domain, but you’re hesitating, it’s better to go for it.
  2. Well-Designed – This was briefly mentioned above, when we were looking at free domains. Unfortunately, a large portion of people judge a website as soon as they visit on the design. If you don’t have a clean, organized, and nice-looking website, you’re throwing away a lot of potential visitors.
  3. Low Competition - Low competition refers to the topic of your site. If your site is and it’s a social media site where you can talk with friends (copying, it is very, very unlikely that your site will become relatively popular. It’s because there are already a ton of gigantic websites that are dominating the field of social media. Why visit your empty site, when you could join your friends on Twitter and Facebook? It’s hard to find a promising, low competition topic, but once you do, you’re all set.

Hopefully, this short guide on creating a successful website will help you create a site and maybe improve your current one. Good luck on it, and thank you for using our services.