Samsung’s Galaxy S series is renowned as arguably one of the best smartphones, and the S6 is now coming to the consumer on April. Are you ready? Samsung definitely is, with a boatload of changes from the original S1-5.


1. Optional Software

Samsung is known for its plentiful but mostly useless smartphone software, from voice controls to fancy “shake the phone” gestures. With the S6, Samsung has announced that they are planning to make most of those features an optional software download for those who truly like it.


2. Design

Unlike its predecessors, the S6 has been announced to come in metal instead of plastic, for a more sturdier, durable design. They also are planning on using a super-thin bezel to make the phone look more modern.


3. Color

There’s a lot of disagreement of the specific colors, but it’s agreed that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will have a larger variety of colors, such as gold, white, and blue-green. The twist? There won’t be a black color (or rumors say). If you’d like a phone with the black color, get an iPhone.


Samsung has definitely put a huge amount of thought into the S6, and heard the suggestions from consumers. They’re ready; are you?


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