After purchasing a domain name, the first thing that any webmaster would like to do is to create a professional e-mail address ending with the custom domain name.


What is a professional e-mail?

A professional email is the one that has your business name in it. For example [email protected] is a professional email rather having [email protected] There are many ways you can setup a professional email.

The main purpose of 2FreeHosting is to provide the best free and unlimited web hosting services. The email hosting is issued as a free supplement and it comes with basic features that do not meet the needs of all users. 2FreeHosting mail servers also have very high usage and sends thousands of emails every hour.

For this reason, our mailserver IP address could be blacklisted by some providers and emails that you will send may not be delivered. Even though this does not happen very often, we give you a quick trick if you want a more professional email account. As we want the best for our clienst and we understand that our mail service might be sometimes collapsed, you can also use Zoho Mail. With Zoho Mail you will also get a professional webmail service in case our webmail service does not suit your needs.

So if you are having issues with your webmail, we would personally recommend you use Zoho Mail, as we ARE realist and ALWAYS WANT the best for you. With them you will get webmail services as good as ours, with a lot of space, SSL encryption, no ads, and of course, free.


How to set up Zoho with 2FreeHosting:

1.Firstly, it is necessary to create a new account for your domain name to Zoho Mail (free subdomains are not supported). Please enter your domain name without typing “http://www” and click the “Add Domain” button.


2. Entering data


3. Verifying domain


Update MX records:
1. Visit our Control Panel at -> Advanced -> DNS Zone Editor

2. Delete the MX entry “” and add the following two entries:

Note: It may take up to 24 hours for completing the propagation of MX records.

If you have any suggestion, complaints or issues feel free to write on the comments section or open a new ticket.


2FreeHosting, this is what makes us better than our competence. We ALWAYS WANT the best for our clients; that’s how we became the BEST free web hosting!

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