Is your online store not doing so well? Or is it doing well, but you’d like to bump it up a notch? Either way, there are a few tips that can apply to everyone in the e-commerce market.


  1. Easy Navigation – One thing that turns potential customers away are navigation issues. If your online store doesn’t have a quick and easy search bar, categories list, and/or related items bar, add them ASAP. No one likes to scroll through long lists of items to look for a certain item; so many e-commerce websites don’t have navigational-friendly websites. It turns potential customers away most of the time. Would you want to scroll through dozens of lists to try and find a certain product?
  2. Let Guests View Products – If you’re making clients register to view your products, you’re (again) turning away customers. It’s easier to just click back and go to a better e-commerce site than to fill out a long and boring registration form. If your visitors were really curious enough, it’s likely enough that they would fill it out quickly with some fake information. Fake signups usually lead up to failed sales, since the customer either didn’t want to register again to actually buy the product, or they forgot about the fake info and unsuccessfully purchased your item.
  3. Clean and Smart – Keep your design clean, simple, and smart. Put your best selling items on the homepage, and don’t keep it cluttered. Use a modern font that is nicely spaced and a large enough font to catch eyes. Don’t put ads; that’s a strong indicator that you’re a seller that’s doing poorly and needs the extra revenue, which probably means you’re not a very good seller.
  4. Don’t Overload – Customers usually know what they’re buying, so don’t overload them with information on their product. Give them the key, basic information, and send them the rest of the information either on the billing page or after their purchase. If they need more information, make sure they can contact you.

Improving your online shop can be hard, but it definitely is rewarding. E-commerce is a very competitive field, but with the right improvements, you can go very far.