When it comes to getting a domain, you might have heard of free domains. These come from top TLD domains such as .TK, .GA, etc. But the question here is this: is it worth it to save the extra few bucks per year to use a free domain, or should you get a legitimate, paid domain?

That’s a very common question that, unfortunately, many webmasters choose the wrong answer to. The best answer to choose here is to get the paid domain. Why?


Firstly, search engines really dislike free domain names. In other words, you’ll be ranked much higher with the work that you do with a domain you use your money to get than one that’s free. Many people don’t realize that and, once they do, they regret it. This means that you will get a lot less potential visitors from search engines, and that, unsurprisingly or not, is quite a lot (once you get ranked high enough).


Also, which one would you trust more: (or .org, in fact) or¬†Yes, most people would trust the .com/.org/.net domain much more than the free TLD domains. .TK is an extremely abused domain name that has earned itself a very bad reputation. It’s the home of most scam artists, and other nasty people that you’d want to stay away from.


Of course, there are countless other reasons why you shouldn’t get a free domain for your website. However, this article was simply written to get your attention about free domain names. In conclusion, stick with the domain names you buy and, as a result, you’ll get more visitors, trust, and less regret!


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