About the Project

Who we are?

2freehosting.com (aka 2FH) is a young, yet very fast growing free hosting company which head office is located in the EU. Company was established in the year 2011 and within 2 years only - reached over 300 000 active websites from all around the world.

People usually ask us why do we offer such good web hosting services for free? This is easy, we have other funding sources like: Google Ads, Premium Hosting plans for those who need more power, donations and domain name registrations. Moreover, we have staff members are from all around the world so our website and the control panel is translated to Russian, English, Spanish, Lithuanian, French and other languages so you can feel comfortable with it.

What we do?

We deliver fast, stable and free web hosting services to thousands of people all around the world. We offer fast, yet clear and quality support for our client. We love our clients so much that we even have a Facebook and Google+ fan pages so they can chat, participate to games and win stuff there!

Every day we start with the fresh new energy to add more features and stability, to create a perfect home for your website!

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