5GBFree aka 5GBFree.com hosting reviews

What details clients should understand about 5GBFree (5GBFree.com) and services offered before joining the 5GBFree hosting?


5GBFree hosting services has mostly all you need to start building own website within several minutes, 5GBFree also offer high qulity servers and support, a 5GB of disk space and the best and latest server hardware you may need for you website like PHP and MySQL support! First of 5GBFree also known as 5GBFree.com was established in the year 2007 and keeps growing until now. Currently they host over 150 top level domains with the 5GBFree hosting.

This hosting use fast and 99,9% uptime servers for clients. Also, live chat is included with the premium plan (if you choose to upgrade)

Why 5GBFree (5GBFree.com)?

Because 5GBFree.com is the fast growing free hosting provider and ranks on the first pages on google - the page you can trust! Only on 5GBFree you are able to catch customer support 24/7 weeks per day for all web hosting, scripts or and servers related qurstions, only on 5GBFree pro staff members are working all year around to keep client websites online over 99.99%. While most of the Paid Hosting provides can not keep it this way.

How to connect with this company?
  • Sign up free by entering your details
  • Receive an email from 5GBFree
  • Activate it easily and start building your website!

Feature facts of 5GBFree.com
Disk space yes 5 GB
Bandwidth yes 20 GB
Forum Based Support yes Yes
Email support NO
Ads on your website yes Yes
Free Subdomains yes Yes
Free Hosting yes Yes, free
Uptime yes 99%
Weekly backups yes Yes
Online file manager yes Yes